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Dialysis & Nephroplus


We provide dialysis service driven by an efficient team of nephrologist, nurses, and certified haemodialysis technicians along with registered dieticians. Peritoneal, nocturnal and short daily dialysis and haemodialysis are provided to both children and adults.


Diabetes is the chief culprit for kidney failure in the case of 40% of the patients we provide dialysis. Other main cause is supposed to be hypertension. There may be many reasons for such problems. In certain specific cases, the hospital has asked the family members to appear for screening. Patients, who have crossed the creatinine level 4 or 5, are called end stage kidney patients. They venture to accept some sort of alternate therapy and come to this hospital once they feel it is an emergency. In such acute cases also, Dr. Saravanan’s expertise and finesse have contributed to the positive side of the treatment.

Generally, the doctors don’t prefer to recommend dialysis for their patients since the expenditure for dialysis or kidney transplantation is prohibitively high. The economic burden to middle classes will be unbearable due to its prolonged nature.

Dr. Saravanan’s hitech facility has a tie-up with nephro plus in Erode. Their facility today boasts of 21 dialysis machines at Erode and 12 machines at Karur. They are, at the moment, catering to approximately 200 patients each month approximately for dialysis. Dr. Saravanan’s hi-tech therapy and fine-tuned gadgetry have come in for much praise from the medical fraternity. They adopt 3 modalities. The first one being Hemodialysis, where the patient is required to visit the centre at least twice a week, which involves running blood through a circuit to undergo a filtration process.

The next option is peritoneal dialysis, which is also called by the term home dialysis. Doctors insert a small tube in the abdomen. Blood gets purified in the abdomen itself. Training is given for this at home itself for the benefit and comfort of the patients who find it difficult to visit the hospital twice or thrice a week. This rigmarole has to be followed on daily basis.

They perform hemodialysis 24X7. People can complete the procedure early morning and attend to other official work. But, transplant is the most recommended and ideal solution.



The third modality is Renal transplantation that is, if the patient is blood related, they can donate one of their two kidneys, if they are medically eligible and wilfully acceptable. In case of not having such relatives, the patient can register in the Tamil Nadu Organ Sharing. They have to wait for a couple of years or so and can get a kidney from a Brain dead donor allocated as per seniority of waitlisted recipients. The experienced and successful doctor records that with these options, we can achieve 95% success rate.