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  • Dr. K. Thangavelu MD.,(Gen Med)
    Consultant Physician and Diabetologist
  • Dr. T. Saravanan MD.,(Gen Med), DM.,(Nephrology)
    Medical Director & CEO
    Consultant Nephrologist and Transplant Physician

General Medicine is a division of medicine that involves in treatment of Sugar and Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, fever, tuberculosis or any other medical illness.

This is a basic branch of medicine which deals with diseases pertaining to Cardio Vascular System, Respiratory System, Nervous System, Gastro Intestinal System and Infections diseases. They commensed case in this speciality is fever. They different cases of fever have to be analysed and treated accordingly.

Next comes diabetes mellitus which is seen him 20% – 30% this population above 40 years. This has to be suspected when the patient comes with symptoms of frequent urination excessive thirst, excessive hunger, loss of weight. The diagnosis has to be confirm when the blood sugar level, fasting more than 120mg/dl, post prandial above 200mg/dl, random blood sugar above 160mg/dl the treatment has to be taken continously for life time.

Next comes systemic hypertension this is prevelant more that 30% of the general population patient may not have any dramatic symptoms. Routine blood pressure checkup only will reveal the diagnosis. Elevation of blood pressure above 140/90mmhg on more than 3 sittings will confirm the diagnosis.

The main division of General Medicine with diabetology is headed by Dr. K. Thangavelu senior consultant Physician MD General Medicine.